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  • 269 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT 06798
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Phone:  203-263-3502

  • 269 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT 06798
  • Today’s Hours: Click Here

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Featured Artist in the Gallery ~ Susan Lerner – Connect-To-Cut: Here, There and Everywhere

Do you remember a time before GPS, when your next destination was discovered through a road map and sheer luck?  Collage Artist Susan Lerner is intrigued by the physical and metaphorical connection of the map.  How a map both literally and figuratively connects us to a place or a time from the past and brings us to the present. Using vintage imagery in her hand-cut collages, Susan conjures up nostalgia for the county she’s considered her second home for the past two decades.  In her exhibit at the Woodbury Public Library, CONNECT-TO-CUT:  HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE, Susan visits the Northwest Connecticut countryside and the towns right at her doorstep.  From beloved pastimes like apple picking in Washington, skiing in Cornwall, antiquing in Woodbury and fiddling in Roxbury, she explores location and memories, often fictionalized, of the past and present.  In addition to her iconic collage series, Susan also introduces excavated books in this exhibition. Where collage is about the addition and flow of imagery, the deconstructed books are a careful dissection and removal of ‘land’ from the page.  Like an archeologist, Susan tracks the winding paths of the map’s topography gently digging deep into the layers and sediment to unearth what lies beneath.

Susan Lerner is a contemporary hand-cut collage artist who splits her time in both NYC and Washington, CT.   As a Certified Flavor Chemist, Susan was used to collaging chemicals into unique tastes but now she uses paper as her medium.  She loves the collage process, finding joy in the hunt for imagery, meditation in cutting paper and delight in creating nostalgic compositions. She has shown her work in five solo shows and over 20 group shows including in Chelsea, NY, Edinburgh, Scotland and Wiesbaden, Germany. Her work has most recently been published in “Collage Care:  Transforming Emotions and Life Experiences with Collage” by Laurie Kanyer.   Susan is a founding member of the New York Collage Ensemble, which promotes a supportive community of like-minded analog collage artists.




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