• Phone 203-263-3502
  • 269 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT 06798
  • Today’s Hours: Click Here

Phone:  203-263-3502

  • 269 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT 06798
  • Today’s Hours: Click Here

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What’s in your Wallet?  What’s your Library Card style?

Great news! The Library now has six (6) designs of Library Cards that you can choose from! Five (5) are brand new! When applying for a new card, you can now pick the one that best describes you. Also, The Friends at the Book Cellar want to celebrate you and your new Library Card, with their “Get a Library Card, Get a Free Book” initiative.  Library cards must be obtained in person with proof of residency in Woodbury.  You can fill out the online form in the footer of our website to get a head start. 

Are you a Classic, Open Book? Do you prefer a simple and clean look? If so, this classic white card, that is easy to find in your wallet, is for you.

Are you Creative? Do you prefer artsy doodling? If so, this colorful card, that sports fun scribbles, is for you.

Are you a Fred Fan? Do you fondly remember our beloved Library cat? If so, this card that has a cute cartoon version of Fred reading a red book, is for you.

Are you a Woodburian? Do you have an interest in our town’s rich history? If so, this photo card of the Library and Parker Academy, is for you.

Are you a Bibliophile? Do you like orderly stacks of books and green hues? If so, this card is for you.

Are you an Adventurer? Do you like exploring new things? If so, this action-packed card with silhouette people climbing stacks of books, is for you.